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The Wanderer Bag: Updated

The Wanderer Bag is now officially new and improved!

I was able to painstakingly take apart the original to make some much needed upgrades. If you haven't read my post about the Road Test you can read it here.

Basically I had three realizations with intended improvements. They were:

1. Thicker Straps

2. Narrower Top, Wider Bottom

3. It Could Even Be Smaller

To address the first issue, the narrow straps that dug into my shoulder when I had my bag loaded down with all my travel necessities I had to take the bag down to its base parts. The straps are the first things that get sewn on. (My seam ripper and I are besties, as you already know if you follow me on Instagram.) I knew it had to happen but it was still pretty sad to see my bag in pieces on my work table.

I already had some extra webbing that I had purchased for another project I never started. Current me was reaping the benefits of past me's laziness, something that doesn't usually happen. I got those stitched into place and realized that I had to change the color of the lining now as the straps wouldn't match anymore..... so back to the fabric store. Don't get me wrong, I love Hart's, they are **AMAZING** but a trip there usually means adding to my growing supply of pretty things that have no project destination (see the webbing above).

At any rate the first concern was solved! Thicker straps! And the issue of fabric matching also solved. Huzzah! On to the next

The second concern had to do with the bag staying upright while sitting on the ground. I noticed the top tended to gape open awkwardly, and when I put bigger items in the bag they didn't settle to the bottom like I thought they might, they seemed to get trapped in the middle of the bag. I decided narrowing the top was the solution, not so much that you would see a huge difference, but enough to change how the bag sat.

Since I already had the bag apart it was easy to take the side panels and give them a little trim. I wouldn't know if it worked until I put it back together (spoiler alert, it seems to have done the trick!).

The last realization that the bag could even be smaller hasn't come to fruition just yet. I was busy getting this beast back together so I haven't thought about how much smaller I could go just yet. But don't worry, it's coming.

Here's the finished product.

I don't expect to have one in the shop until July. I'm throwing a 30th birthday party for myself in June and have been working on decorations and games for that. I'll try to throw some of what I'm doing up on the blog for you soon!

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