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Giant Paper Flowers Tutorial

If you saw the post from my birthday party (yeah I'm really stringing this one out, I feel 30 should be a year long celebration...) you may have noticed the large tissue paper flowers in the background. I'm going to show you how to make them. As you may have guessed, they're super easy.

Pick out your favorite tissue paper and lay it out.

Count out 4 sheets.

Fold them in half. (if you want to go HUGE count out 8 sheets and don't fold them in half, follow the directions from here).

Draw a circle, as big as you'd like. I went edge to edge on the shortest side. Like my homemade compass? haha you can always do what I did for most of them and eyeball it.

Cut out your circle.

Yay! A circle!

I like to make some cuts for petals. Get creative, go big, small, vary them up!

Finished petals! Now you can twist or offset your 8 sheets if you want to vary it more but you don't have to and it'll still look great.

Mark the center. Don't worry it won't show when we're done.

Roll one side up very gently and loosely. Enough that your stapler can reach the middle mark you made.

Staple it!

Open it back up for a moment and admire your work. Now it gets fun!

Pick up the very top sheet from the edge and crumple it towards the center. Try not to yank on the staple. It is tissue paper after all.

Now repeat with each subsequent sheet. Keep a flower in mind, with the bud in the middle being covered up by each sheet that comes after it.

Its a flower!!

Next you'll gently separate the sheets or petals. Gently pull it until you can see pretty much all the layers of tissue paper.

There it is. When I put them up in my backyard I just stapled them to the fence. If you're doing them inside you can always roll some masking tape on the back and tape it to the wall. I would recommend pressing from the center, get your hand into where the staple is and press from there. That way you don't flatten your gorgeous flower!

They look so good out in the world!

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