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New Bags!!

I'm so excited!!! My new bags just got posted to the shop! I've been busting all month to get them finished and up on Etsy. So busy in fact that its practically October and I hadn't been on to do my monthly blog. My bad. But I made pretty things for you. Friends? Whew.

Anyway I am uber excited about these bags because they are all hand printed! I designed each pattern and then printed it on my usual duck canvas. Which means each bag is one of a kind.

I'll be making more patterns and more bags soon! Next month, (or I should say, tomorrow...) I'm going to be shifting my focus to get back to my watercolor and fine art roots. It'll be a month of surfing and art. I'll be posting what I'm doing here and definitely on Instagram, so follow me.

Meanwhile, the few of my older bags that are left are now on sale so head over to Etsy and get them before they're gone!

Here's more pretty pictures!

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