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Surfer Girl Wish List

Shopping for a surfer girl this Christmas? Or just a surfer girl putting your Christmas list together? Let me show you what’s on my list this year. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration.

1. Dear and Yonder

What an awesome movie! Whenever I’m out of the water either because the surf isn’t working or I’m burnt out I turn to this movie. It fills the surfing void and gets me excited to get back out there.

2. EiR Surf Mud

My poor little nose always seems to be the place to take the biggest beating from the sun. I have the surf mud stick but now I think I want this surf mud in a tin. I used the stick in Mexico and my nose was thankful I did. Bonus: its all natural! With chocolate.

3. Surf Site Tin Type by Joni Sternbach

I follow Sternbach on Instagram and so I’ve seen a lot of the photos she’s done. They’re amazing. And I'm obsessed. Which is why I want this book, to see more awesome pictures. Also my secret life’s ambition is to have her take my tin type. Ah, dare to dream.

4. Cool Towel

Towels are the unsung heroes of the surf session. We spend a lot of time (and money) picking out wetsuits, boards, fins, leashes that the lowly towel is often overlooked. Its probably time your surfer girl had a new one. I’d recommend one that's big, soft and with bright colors that will make her think of some place warm.

5. Water Bottle

How cool is this water bottle? I love the print. I’m a sucker for palm trees. We spend so much time in the water we might forget that we should be drinking it (not the ocean, ew). This bottle will make anyone remember. Bonus, it says it fits in a cup holder. 6. Gift Card to Seea

Have you seen their swimsuits? Amazing. It’s hard to pick just one. In fact I already have a couple.

7. Surf Grass Mat

Yes that is a patch of artificial grass. Hear me out though. If you’re like me you hate getting road dirt on your beautiful (and pricey) wetsuit. I think this grass mat would be AMAZING at getting the sand off your feet and keeping that precious wetsuit clean too.

8. Mug for the Morning Brew

No matter how much I love surfing some mornings I need a little coaxing out of bed. A warm drink is usually the best remedy for too colds and too earlies. And a sweet, sweet mug to put it in? Well that's even better. Check out this Santa Cruz artist Coco Chispa to get one like the mug shown.

9. BabelRose Bag

What? I can't be on my own wish list? But seriously, most of my efforts go into making bags for the shop I don't often get to keep my own products. And I think they would make an awesome gift. Which is why a couple people on my list are getting one. Those lucky ladies.

10. Surf Retreat

Get out there. Beat back the winter blues by booking a surf retreat some place warm. Las Olas is an amazing women's surf retreat in Mexico. Lots of surfing, tacos and beautiful surroundings. You want to go too? Check out Sunshine Stories in Sri Lanka. Every photo they post is beautiful and the surfing looks fun.

Cheers! And Happy Holidays!

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