New Year

Is it too late to talk about New Year’s Resolutions? I mean the month is only half over and we still have 11 months to go. That is a lot of time. I don’t usually make New Years Resolutions because if I want to change something I usually just set out to start making that change right away, regardless of what the calendar reads. Since starting the shop though, I have found the New Year and a new start much more attractive. There are a lot of things I juggle and that number only increases at the end of a year with the holidays. Christmas, spending time with my family and my husband’s family, plus my yearly struggle of making presents because I can’t seem to just buy things for people. And it invariably comes down to the last minute no matter how early I start (October this year for those of you keeping track). The new year allows me to put the focus back on what I want to accomplish with the shop. I get to re-set and I am very inspired this year (I’ve been reading In the Company of Women, it is awesome! Thanks so much to Chris and Natalie, inherited siblings for the win!) And so, in no particular order, here are my resolutions for Babel Rose in 2017: 1. Add some color. So far all my new prints have been in black and white. Its time I added some color to the mix. I’ve added five, plus white and will be adding colored items to the shop very soon.

2. Update the shop. I completed the shop profile and about me section back in 2014 when I first joined Etsy as a Seller. Since that time, I’ve changed, and so has Etsy’s format. Its time for an update and a shop tour. Which bring us to: 3. Clean up the workshop. I mean this is an on going battle but my workshop is bursting right now. I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and get some storage before I can really get things tidy in here.

4. Add more products. I’m sure I’ve teased you all here and on Instagram with things I’ve been testing out. I’ve resolved this year to get those things out of the workshop and into the actual shop.

5. Get outside. Whenever it feels likes I have a mountain of things to get done I have a tendency to sit on my couch and not do any of them. Which means I not only miss out on being productive but actually taking a break, since I spend the whole time thinking over all I have to do. Its hard to take a break from doing nothing. So instead when I feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to start, I’m going to go outside. I live in such an amazing place that in 5 minutes I can be at a beach and see the wild waves and feel the wind on my face. Its time to take better advantage of that.

I hope all your good intentions for the New Year are fulfilled. Now get out there and do you!

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