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Puppies, Pillow and Shelves

We got a puppy! Well he’s 11 months but still pretty much a puppy. Which means cue all the puppy nesting! I’ve been cruising Pinterest for dog DIYs (DDIYs?) And getting so excited about all the crafting for the pup (along with the extra time for walks and play) that I haven’t been doing as much for the shop. Oops. But I mean, look at this face:

meet Odyn Underfoot

Everyone, meet Odyn Underfoot. We love him.

The first puppy project I got done is his bed. I couldn’t find one in the store I liked (surprise, surprise.) So I got some fabric, foam and a zipper and made one myself. Turned out pretty good for just winging it. I need to clean up the ends of the zipper but I like that I’ll be able to remove the cover and wash it if I need to.

I have been getting some things for the shop done too. There’s a new product in the shop. Pillow covers!!! I have a weakness for throw pillows and I thought you might too. They just went up on the shop and more will be going up soon. Don’t see a pattern/color combo you like that you like? Message me.

I also have been continuing the craft room organizing extravaganza. It has taken longer than I expect partially due to the sudden puppy in our life, partly due to having hubby’s doctor appointments the last two Fridays (my day off) and but mostly due to my crushing laziness during the winter. (When is summer?!!) But the shelves are up and things are coming together. I really love the IVAR system from IKEA. You just buy pieces and then come up with your own configuration which means I get the storage I need for everything I have going on. I didn’t buy enough shelves to begin with and I was dreading another trip over the hill (especially with these crazy storms!) but I was able to order them online. Shipping was only $15 which probably seems like a lot to you but an IKEA run is about a 2 hour drive (or more) round trip and I’ve totally been desensitized to shipping since I’ve been shipping tile for about a year now ($110 pallet charge from LA, what???!)

I will give you all a full tour when its complete. Right now its actually worse than it was before. Darkest before the dawn right?

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