Women On Waves Surf Contest

I had the most fun Saturday a girl like me can have.

Let me back up. A few months ago I learned that the Women on Waves Surf Contest was being revived in Capitola. I've wanted to attend and maybe compete in this contest since I moved here. But for some reason or other, syncing up with this event had been hard. And then, to make it even more elusive, it didn't seem to happen every year and the event organizers seemed to change each time.

But thanks to Ola Chica and many volunteers, this year it was back! And they added a swim! In my excitement to sign up for the surf contest and the swim I was still able to see they were doing raffles for prizes. So I emailed to see if I could donate a couple of my products. It seemed like the kind of people who would like what I make. And they asked if I wanted a booth.

So yes, Saturday October 20th, I woke up before 5am, loaded up my car, set up a booth to sell my bags and more, then went out and swam a mile, came back and jumped on a board to paddle out for a surf heat. Things calmed down after that and I went back to hanging out at my pop-up shop. It was the best day ever!

Made even better by the friends who came down to say hi and help, or who I had convinced to do the contest with me and of course my husband and parents who helped me out in prepping for the day and manning the booth while I was off in the water. My neighboring booth-mates were delightful as well and it was fun to meet other women makers who shared both a love of the sea and craftiness.

The boon for you all is that this contest not only pushed me to surf more, and get back in the pool but I will have new products coming to the shop soon!!!! I have a new print, more bags and some frameable art! I'm super fired up as well and have some fun ideas that hopefully will get to you some time down the line.

So excited for next year! Hope to see you there.

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