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February 12, 2017

We got a puppy! Well he’s 11 months but still pretty much a puppy. Which means cue all the puppy nesting! I’ve been cruising Pinterest for dog DIYs (DDIYs?) And getting so excited about all the crafting for the pup (along with the extra time for walks and play) that I haven’t been doing as much for the shop. Oops. But I mean, look at this face:

 Everyone, meet Odyn Underfoot. We love him.

The first puppy project I got done is...

January 15, 2017

Is it too late to talk about New Year’s Resolutions? I mean the month is only half over and we still have 11 months to go. That is a lot of time.

I don’t usually make New Years Resolutions because if I want to change something I usually just set out to start making that change right away, regardless of what the calendar reads.

Since starting the shop though, I have found the New Year and a new start much more attractive. The...

May 31, 2016

The Wanderer Bag is now officially new and improved!


I was able to painstakingly take apart the original to make some much needed upgrades. If you haven't read my post about the Road Test you can read it here.


Basically I had three realizations with intended improvements. They were:


1. Thicker Straps

2. Narrower Top, Wider Bottom

3. It Could Even Be Smaller


To address the first issue, the narrow straps that dug into my shoulder...

April 20, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram you may have realized by now that I just got back from the most amazing trip to Mexico with Las Olas Surf Safaris. It was a wonderful week filled with sun, good food, better friends and lots and lots of surfing. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. They truly take care of you at Las Olas from beginning to end.

I was still ‘hard’ at work though! (Ok not even close!) I had been wanting to make...

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