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Swell Zipper Bag

Swell Zipper Bag

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Each bag is handprinted and sewn together by me in Santa Cruz, California. I’m stoked to send a little piece of this awesome place to you. Because they are handprinted each bag is a unique piece of art that is also useful as hell. I use my zipper bags for all kinds of things: keeping small odds and ends together while traveling, keeping my post surf clothes dry while I’m out in the water, and on those rare occasions: keeping my makeup in one place.

swell- For surfers there’s nothing you love seeing more than lines of waves continuing off into the horizon. But if you’re surfing on the daily, you put up with wompy waves, crowded line ups, and inconsistent sets all to eek out that one brilliant and thrilling ride. This print captures the surfer’s perfect horizon, staring back at you each day urging you to get back out there, you might get lucky this time.


-duck canvas

-cotton fabric

-metal zipper

small: 9" wide x 4.5" tall

medium: 12” wide x 6” tall

large:  14" wide x 8" tall

**spot clean only, do not machine wash**

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