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Scales Zipper Bag

Scales Zipper Bag

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Each bag is handprinted and sewn together by me in Santa Cruz, California. I’m stoked to send a little piece of this awesome place to you. Because they are handprinted each bag is a unique piece of art that is also useful as hell. I use my zipper bags for all kinds of things: keeping small odds and ends together while traveling, keeping my post surf clothes dry while I’m out in the water, and on those rare occasions: keeping my makeup in one place.

scales- So, my life’s ambition is to be a mermaid, I’ve been training for it since I was 10. I know a lot of you out there share that dream and while I haven’t achieved it yet I’ve gotten pretty dang close. This print is all about that mermaid dream of waking up with scales and a tail.


-duck canvas

-cotton fabric

-metal zipper

small: 9" wide x 4.5" tall

medium: 12” wide x 6” tall

large:  14" wide x 8" tall

**spot clean only, do not machine wash**

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